CycloMesa is a FREE event. 

Saturday, April 2, 2022

You do not need to bring a bicycle to CycloMesa Bicycle Festival to enjoy the event. There will be plenty of activities that do not require a bicycle. There will be Striders available for use to participate in the Bike Rodeo. Additionally, there will be opportunities to ride on the creature bicycles (Rattlesnake or Butterflies) from Austin Bike Zoo.

If you do bring your bicycle, a portion of the New 1st Ave Separated Bike Lanes will be available to ride a loop on at the event and complimentary Bike Valet will be available provided by Tempe Bicycle Action Group. 

Downtown Mesa in Mesa, Arizona. This year’s event will be located at the intersection Robson & 1st Ave and the surrounding area. 

  • NO Outside food or beverage (including alcohol) of any kind
  • NO Pop-up tents, canopies, or shade structures of any kind
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Glass bottles
  • NO Aerosol containers, including sunscreen and personal beauty products NOTE: Sunscreens in non-aerosol containers are allowed
  • NO Contraband or illegal substances
  • NO Coolers of any kind. (Exceptions may be made for medical use)
  • NO Illegal and Illicit substances of any kind
  • NO Firearms/Weapons of any kind
  • NO Fireworks/Sparklers/Firecrackers
  • NO Laser Pointers
  • NO Motorized carts or scooters (unless ADA approved)
  • NO Drones or other flying devices
  • NO Clothing with gang signs/symbols OR of particular colors worn in combination with known gang signs or symbols
  • NO Unauthorized/unlicensed vendors. No unauthorized solicitation and materials including handbills, flyers, stickers, beach balls, giveaways, samples, etc.

No. Per Mesa City Code 6-11-4 “No person shall smoke or vape in any public place when the public gathers together for any purpose or event.”

Are you a vendor interested in being at CycloMesa? Please complete this form and return it to: brittany@solutionsaz.com

Only selected and approved vendors will be allow at the event. 

Visit the experience page to see more information about activities and entertainment. 

Yes, photo cameras are allowed that the event and are encouraged. When posting on social media tag us by using the hashtags: #cyclomesa #cyclomesa2022

Drones and GoPros are not allowed at the event.

We make every effort to create a safe and secure event. On-site security and emergency medical staff will be available at CycloMesa. If you need any assistance, please go to the medical tent, or look for a police officer or festival staff member for assistance.

Thank you for your interested in volunteering with CycloMesa! Please sign up HERE.


Interested in becoming a sponsorship to support CycloMesa? Please contact: cyclomesa@mesaaz.gov for more information.